Viking Hammer, 11" x17" Framed

  • $450.00

Viking Hammer
11" x 17" Framed

The Hammer is one of mankind's oldest and most versatile tools, representing a duality of creative and destructive forces. This Viking Hammer is styled in the fashion of Thor's hammer Mjölnir, an ancient Norse symbol of blessings and protection.

It is shown here carried by two ravens - prevalent in Norse, Celtic, and Welsh mythology, serving as watchers and guardians of the battlefield, and as messengers, symbolizing the connection between heaven and earth. 

The Viking Hammer is a new addition to Healy Glass Artistry's Celtic Weaponry Set, inspired by the ancient works of art on display in the Dublin Ireland National Museum.  

Our Healy Glass Artistry Viking Hammer of Thor is deeply hand-carved in glass, polished and finished in silver, and adorned with dozens of multi-colored Healy Signature crystals.


Celtic Weaponry Set #5
11" x 17" Framed