Chieftain Footed Decanter - 28oz

  • $245.00

Footed Decanter, 28oz, 10" tall

A gorgeous decanter, perfect for your favorite bourbon or whiskey. An impressive pour with company. Footed, heavy, and clear, this makes a lovely and distinct statement on your bar. 

In Celtic mythology, the dragon was believed to be of a world that was parallel to the physical world. As creatures that protect the Earth and all living things, Celtic dragons are considered the most powerful of all the Celtic symbols. They are used as a symbol of power and wisdom among leaders.  Dragons were so revered by the Celts that they were adopted as a symbol of the power of the chieftain. In fact, the Celtic name for chieftain is “Pendragon”.

Our Chieftain design is deeply hand-carved into the glass and finished with sparkling red crystals. 

Each one of our designs comes complete with an artist's bio card and gift boxing.