Hand-Carved, Engraved Whiskey Glasses

Healy Glass Artistry handcrafts beautiful whiskey glasses with hand engraved designs that create unique glassware pieces perfect for gifting or adding to an at-home bar collection. Master Craftsman Billy Healy, originally from Waterford, Ireland, proudly honors the heritage of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales with Irish and Celtic glassware designs unique to each country. Each engraved whiskey glass is hand carved using a specialized technique to create high-quality detail and clarity. These one-of-a-kind glassware pieces are sold online across the globe, and in the United States at art shows and Celtic and Irish Festivals to individuals looking for timeless glassware pieces. Whatever the occasion, these classic, engraved whiskey glasses are the perfect addition to life’s special moments.

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Healy Signature Collection Designs

Irish Whiskey Glasses

Styles of Whiskey Glass

Modern Whiskey Glass vs. Classic Double-Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass

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Engraved whiskey glasses from Healy Glass Artistry are handcrafted in two shapes: the straight-sided double old fashioned whiskey glass and the curvy modern whiskey glass. Both styles of whiskey glass are handcrafted to create a heightened whiskey experience, and hand-carved with artist-original designs. Each piece is signed by the artist, for an exceptional presentation at home or as a gift.

The straight-sided double old fashioned whiskey glass is the perfect style for the classic whiskey drinker, or for cocktails served on ice. This classic whiskey glass design offers a timeless display of craftsmanship and is the perfect addition to your at-home bar, with uses for all types of spirits and mixed drinks. . The straight-sided design is versatile and great for drinking whiskey, scotch, bourbon, and homemade cocktails. Choose from one of our Healy Signature Collection glasses, or personalize your own straight-sided whiskey glasses for weddings, gifts, and special occasions!

The curvy, modern whiskey glass offers a unique twist to the classic whiskey glass design. The curved sides of the modern design help to enhance the flavors of your favorite whiskey, bourbon, or Scotch, while creating a beautiful presentation. Add a curvy, modern whiskey glass to your at-home bar to enhance your unique glassware collection, or gift a special handcrafted modern whiskey glass to a loved one. These whiskey glasses are available in the most popular Healy Signature Designs, like the Trinity Knot, Celtic Cross, and Tree of Life. View list of all Engraved Whiskey Glasses

Family Crest/Coat of Arms Whiskey Glass

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Healy Glass Artistry proudly hand-carves family crests and coats of arms on whiskey glasses to beautifully display your families’ nationality or country of origin. All of our family crest whiskey glasses are hand-carved and polished to create a unique and high-definition finish that you can see and feel. Personalize whiskey glasses with your family crest to create a unique display in your home or to gift to family members or friends!

All that you need to do to start your family crest, coat-of-arms, or clan badge engraved in glassware, is to enter your last name and country of origin in your order (for example Healy - Irish). We will create the proof and send it back to you for your approval before carving anything in your glassware!

If you have an image of your crest, you may send us an image or description of your family crest and we will refer to these while designing your family crest engraving.. If you are interested in designing a new family crest or emblem, let us know the elements you would like included in the design and we can work with you to create beautiful, engraved whiskey glasses customized to represent your family heritage.

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Engraved Whiskey Glasses in Artist-Original Designs

The Healy Signature Collection of hand-carved, engraved whiskey glass designs specializes in representing the beauty and the heritage of the Celtic and Irish culture. Additional popular artist-original designs include schooner whiskey glasses, wildlife themes, and more. Classic engraved designs, such as the Celtic Cross, Trinity Knot, and Tree of Life, are beautiful ways to proudly display your families’ heritage on handcrafted whiskey glasses. Choose from one of the beautifully engraved designs from the Healy Signature Collection to create a unique home collection of barware and glassware, or give a set of engraved whiskey glasses as a gift for special occasions.

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