The Cardinal — Framed 5 x 7

  • $100.00

The Cardinal
Hand-Carved Fine Art Glass

This hand-carved piece features a Cardinal perched atop a holly branch with a sprig of mistletoe held in its beak. Its eye is a shimmering warm gold crystal.

The Cardinal is symbolic of good tidings; a messenger of hope, faith and love. This bird's bright plumage can bring warmth and joy during the Holiday season and the winter months to follow. 

Our fine art glass carvings have an exceptional, hand-crafted finish you will be proud to give or to own. The artwork is carved deeply into the surface of the glass so one can feel and appreciate the multi-dimensional effect. Created with intricate details, polished, and hand-embellished with our signature multicolored crystals; each piece is different from the next and has its own unique finish.

All frames come packaged with care, complete with brackets for hanging, and include an about the artist card and description of the design. 

Glass Sizes: 5"x7"  (Larger sizes available by request)
Frame width: 2.5” (Espresso Brown) 2.25" (Pecan Brown) 2" (Black, White, Honey Brown)
Made in the USA