Framed Celtic Shield Artwork - All Sizes Here

  • $135.00

Framed Celtic Shield Artwork - All Sizes Here

The artwork is carved deeply into the surface of the glass, so one can feel and appreciate the multi-dimensional effect of the artwork. All frames come with brackets for hanging attached. Created with intricate details, each piece is different from the next and has its own special finish.  


The Shield knot is an ancient symbol that has been found in cultures across Europe and Scandinavia as a protective emblem used for guarding against negative forces.  A Shield Knot has four distinctive points, thought to represent the four seasons, or earth, water, air and sky.  This Healy Glass Artistry Celtic Shield features intricately detailed intertwined knotwork with no beginning and no end.

Part of the Healy Signature Collection,  the Celtic Shield is finished with four sparkling green stones in this piece to represent these four different regions of Ireland.

Each one of our designs comes complete with an artist's bio card, and a description of the design.