Fastnet Lighthouse - Artist Anniversary Piece

  • $325.00

Fastnet Lighthouse
Artist Anniversary Piece

11" x 14" Frame

Perched on top of the southern-most point of Ireland, this is a rendition of the Fastnet Lighthouse at the southern-most point of Ireland. This was often the first beacon of light welcoming ships to Ireland. Also known as the Teardrop of Ireland, because it was the last point seen by those making the perilous journey to emigrate to America.

This Special Edition piece features a richly textured carving with both golden and silver shading, and is finished with a gleaming golden crystal for the lighthouse lamp. The artwork is carved deeply into the surface of the glass, so one can feel and appreciate the multi-dimensional effect of the artwork. No two pieces are exactly alike.

All frames come with pre-attached brackets for hanging and include a description of the design and an about the artist card.