Lion Rampant Ultimate Whiskey Glass Set

  • $85.00

Lion Rampant Whiskey Glass - Set of 2 Glasses

The Ultimate Whiskey, Scotch & Bourbon Glass! This hand-made glass features a tapered shape designed to capture the full bouquet of your favorite single malt or distilled spirit.

10 oz, 4" H

The lion is a common charge in heraldry. It traditionally symbolizes bravery, valor, strength, and royalty, because historically it has been regarded as the king of beasts.  The Rampant Lion also symbolizes the ancient royal house of Scotland, and is still used today on the Royal Banner of the Royal Arms of Scotland.

This design features a detailed carving complete with a sparkling crystal stone to add light and brilliance to your piece.

Each one of our designs comes elegantly gift boxed with the artist's bio card and a description of the design.