Shamrock Irish Coffee Glass

Shamrock Irish Coffee Glass

  • $42.50

Shamrock Irish Coffee Glass

A sleek, clear, high-quality Irish Coffee glass. Tempered to take anything from Irish coffee, to tea, to a Hot Toddy! 9 oz glass, tempered, 6" high.

The Shamrock is a National symbol and trademark of Ireland. It is one of the most well-recognized symbols
of Ireland, with a trinity of delicate heart-shaped leaves.

This Healy Signature Collection Shamrock Design has beautiful Celtic Detailing around the leaves and center point. Hand-carved into the glass, it is finished to simulate the realistic feel of a Shamrock leaf. Complete with the Healy Signature sparkling green crystal for added beauty and light reflection.

Each one of our designs comes complete with an artist's bio card, description of the design, and gift boxing.