Star of Bethlehem Necklace

Star of Bethlehem Necklace

  • $135.00

Star of Bethlehem Necklace

The Star of Bethlehem, also known as the Christmas Star, led the Three Kings on a journey to Bethlehem long, long ago.
Today, we live in the beautiful city of Bethlehem Pennsylvania, also known as "The Christmas City." 
In celebration of this wondrous time of year, we introduce this stunning hand-cut crystal Star of Bethlehem Necklace.

The Christmas star is hand-carved in pure Irish crystal and finished with a sparkling blue center, reminiscent of the twilight sky. 

Our new hand-cut crystal jewelry line is a Healy Glass Artistry exclusive.

Each piece is wheel cut and comes complete with a sterling silver chain, in a velvet gift box.

Size = 3/4"

Chain = 18"