Tree of Life Flask Decanter*

  • $285.00

Tree of Life Flask Decanter

This handsome 32 oz. Flask-style Decanter has a wide front surface, perfect for displaying the color of your favorite spirit as well as our hand-carved Healy Signature Tree of Life design (complete with a matching stopper)!

Our Healy Signature Tree of Life includes a Trinity Knot in the base of the roots and is embellished with sparkling green crystals to add beautiful light reflections to the piece. Add matching Double Old Fashioned glasses to create a set that will have an impressive presence in any collection!

The Tree of Life can be found in many cultures throughout the world, and held a place of high significance in Celtic symbolism. Its roots are deeply embedded in the earth, while the branches reach upward, connecting Heaven and Earth. Representing rebirth, renewal, and the lifeforce of all living things, the Tree of Life provides sustenance and protection, nurturing and encouraging growth and resilience.  

Healy Glass Artistry is the market leader in creating beautiful glassware to complement your favorite spirits. Our decanters have an exceptional, hand-crafted finish you will be proud to give or to own. Each design is deeply hand-carved and polished by Master Glass Artisan Billy Healy, finished with sparkling Healy Signature crystals, and elegantly gift-boxed with an about the artist card and description of the design.

10.5" tall, 32 oz.