Trinity Knot Flared Accent Bowl

Trinity Knot Flared Accent Bowl

  • $125.00

Trinity Knot Flared Accent Bowl

This beautiful 6" flared accent bowl makes a gorgeous compliment to any home decor or table setting - perfect for potpourri, nuts or sweets, or for an elegant display all on its own.  Wonderful to give as a gift, or to add a touch of Celtic grace to your home.

Hand-carved with a trio of our Healy Signature Trinity Knot design, featuring an elegant, deeply carved knot embellished with a sparkling green crystal at its center, bringing beautiful light reflection to the piece.

The Trinity Knot is an ancient Celtic symbol with no beginning and no end. Unending and unbroken, it represents eternal love, eternal life, and the enduring connection between all living beings. 

Our accent bowls have an exceptional, hand-crafted finish you will be proud to give or to own. Each design is deeply hand-carved and polished by Master Glass Artisan Billy Healy, finished with sparkling Healy Signature crystals, and elegantly gift-boxed with an about the artist card and description of the design.

6" diameter, 4.5" tall