Beer & Ale Glasses

The perfect Irish beer glassware for your favorite brews!

No collection is complete without a classic European Pint Glass! Our 20 oz. pint glass is amply sized for your beer of choice.

Our classic Tankard-style Beer Mug is an excellent addition to your bar, and has great portability for gatherings and parties.

All of our glasses can be personalized for weddings, birthdays and special occasions.  We can also create a unique design especially for you – contact us for more details!

About Our Celtic Beer Glasses

Specialty beer glasses are the perfect gift for the craft beer lover, and the perfect addition to a home collection of unique beer glasses that your guests will love. Healy Glass Artistry has years of experience crafting beautiful glass products that reflect the pride of the Celtic Isles.  Enjoy a pint or a mug hand-carved with your favorite Healy Signature design. Better glasses really do make for better beer drinking!

Healy Glass Artistry Celtic beer glasses come in several different styles, including The Traditional Mug and the European Pint Glass. 

Contact us today for more details on how to customize your own beer glass for weddings or special occasions, and shop through our collection of classic Irish beer glasses! 

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