Family Crests & Coats of Arms

A gift featuring a hand-carved Family Crest is the perfect way to share pride in one's heritage for generations to come!

Healy Glass Artistry is a leader in heirloom-quality framed single and dual crests, decanters, glassware, and custom items, crafting some of the very best products on the market! All of our Crest items are hand-carved and polished - nothing is screen printed, laser engraved, or acid-etched - creating a unique, high-definition, enduring finish you can see and feel.

Don't know your family's crest? Just let us know the name when you place your order (and the origin, if you know it), and we'll do the rest! We proudly carve for all nationalities and countries of origin - if your name has a crest, badge, or emblem, we can find it.

We can also create custom crests for families who wish to establish their own unique identity.  If you have a custom project you would like quoted, email us the details at

For more information or questions about our Family Crests, visit our Family Crests Information page.