Family Crest Information

The perfect way to share pride in one's heritage, for generations to come!

Healy Glass Artistry is a leader in heirloom-quality framed single and dual crests, decanters, glassware, and custom items, crafting some of the very best products on the market! All of our Crest items are hand-carved and polished - nothing is screen printed, laser engraved, or acid-etched - creating a unique, high-definition, enduring finish you can see and feel.

We proudly carve for all nationalities and countries of origin - if your name has a crest, badge, or emblem, we can find it - or we can help you create a unique design that's all your own. We work with multiple heraldry companies and resources to locate the crest if we do not have it in our archive, and use the oldest known version of the crest for the best accuracy. If you have an image or description of your family crest, send it to us and we can refer to that when creating your crest design for the closest match.


General Questions about Family Crests

What if I don't know what my crest looks like?

No problem! We can work with just the name (though we prefer to know the country of origin for better accuracy).

What are the steps involved in ordering a Crest item?

  1. First, decide which item you would like your crest carved on. This can be any of our Crest Barware and Stemware pieces, home decor pieces, or framed Single and Dual crests. Our current selection can be found here. You can also reach out to us if you're looking for a crest on a different piece from what is offered.
  2. Next, fill in the fields on the product page to tell us the Name and Origin (if known) for the crest. If you are looking for a Scottish Clan Badge instead of our Coat of Arms layout, we do have a design specifically for that. Note any reorders or old design requests in the Description area.
  3. Proceed to checkout and complete your order. If you have any additional notes or reference images, you should email them once you have placed your order and received the confirmation email.
  4. Once we receive the order, we will create a PDF Proof of the crest for your review. You should receive this proof within a week of placing your order. You may be given more than one crest to choose from if we are uncertain of which one is correct for you.
  5. Once you approve a design, it is handed off to Billy for carving. Depending on the time of year, Crest orders will usually take about 3-5 weeks to complete (this can be longer during busy seasons). If you have a due date that you need to meet, please let us know—we do our best to accommodate you.

I ordered a crest from you before, can I get the same design again? 

We keep all old designs, so if you're looking to add to your collection, you can note that it's a reorder in the description notes. It's important to also note if you're adding to an existing set; Billy has made several revisions to his designs over the years and a precise match is not always possible. We'll do our best to get it as close as possible; you can help by sending a photo and measurements.

I found a picture of a crest for my name online, can you use it?

We can certainly refer to your image when creating your crest - though we advise caution, as some online resources may have an incorrect crest listed. 
While we are capable of copying your image precisely, we prefer to use our own crest design for the mantling/helmet, rather than imitating artwork created by other crest designers.

My name has more than one crest, how do I know which one to use?

Generally, knowing the country of origin will help you determine which crest to pick - but in some cases there are multiple crests of the same origin! It is a matter of how sure you want to be.
We include any relevant details regarding the crests with the proof - and we encourage people to lean towards the oldest versions, as they will tend to be more accurate. You could decide based on what design is more appealing, though ultimately that is not a sure way to find the correct crest. The only way to know for certain is to trace your own personal ancestry, or supply an image of a crest you know is your own. 

I noticed other names have the same crest as mine, are theirs wrong?

Not necessarily - Some different families do in fact have the same crest. They may differ in color, or proportions, or layout - or not at all. Some names have the same root name, and therefor share a crest - their spellings can be quite different in their modern forms, losing or gaining letters, or changing based on pronunciation.  Some heraldic systems, such as Poland's, utilize a system where crests are assigned to groups of families rather than individuals. 

I heard some crests can only be used by direct descendants?

The rules for this varies from country to country. Countries of origin with the strictest limitations have extensive records of family crests which are not open to the public to protect the ownership of those crests. In those cases, it is unlikely we'll be able to locate a description to work from.

What happens if you can't find my crest?

We have an excellent track record when it comes to locating crests - but this does occasionally happen. When it does, we suggest, as an alternative, either representing an emblem of your ancestry's Country of Origin, or creating a unique crest specifically for your family line, based on images and symbols of your choosing. If these solutions do not appeal to you, we will of course provide a refund or credit for your order.