Coffee & Tea Mugs

irish coffee glasses

Serve your after-dinner treat in style with our Irish Coffee Glasses!

Perfect for your favorite warm beverage - tea, coffee, hot chocolate, mulled cider, Irish coffee – these glasses are made of tempered glass, designed to take the heat. They also make wonderful glasses for serving desserts and cold beverages!

About Our Irish Coffee Glasses

Drink coffee in style with one of our signature Irish coffee glasses! Healy Glass Artistry crafts beautiful and unique Irish coffee glasses out of high-quality tempered glass (yes, you can pour your hot water right in!).  Designs such as the Shamrock and Harp are stunning reflections of the heart of  Irish culture and Irish hospitality.  You will be sure to want to share a wee-nip on a cold night, or mix up a hot toddy just because you can,  with this wonderful addition to your home.

Our high-quality Irish coffee glasses are perfect for warm beverages, such as tea, Irish coffee, and mulled cider, and of course work for cold drinks too! The sleek shape of each glass reflects the beauty of it’s hand-carved design, and makes drinking coffee a special occasion. 

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