Unfortunately, we cannot add to or change dates carved on customized pieces, including our Wedding Flutes. If you are planning a wedding during the pandemic and are concerned it may need to be rescheduled, we suggest not including a date, or waiting until closer to the planned date to place your order.


USPS internal issues have made ship times unpredictable but we do use other shipping methods when needed; as always you may let us know if you have a date you need your items by, and we will do what we can to make sure they arrive on time!


Can I have pieces personalized?

Yes, most all of our items can be personalized. You can find specific products offered in our shop with customization options - If you don't see the option you're looking for, you can request a custom order by emailing customerservice@healyglassart.com.
We love our customer’s creativity—have an idea? Let us know!

How long does it take to receive custom orders?

Generally we ask for 4-6 weeks. During the busiest months of July – December, time frames can run 4-8 weeks. If you have a due date that you require to have your purchase in-hand, please let us know—we do our best to accommodate.

If I order a Crest Item, how do I know what my crest will look like?

For each Crest order (and for all Custom projects) we supply a PDF Proof for your approval before beginning the carving. You're welcome to email and ask if we have a crest for your name/origin on file, however, in order to receive a proof you should place your order first, so that there is no delay in beginning the research and design work for you.
We proudly carve crests for all nationalities and countries of origin - if your name has a crest, badge, or emblem, we can find it. We work with multiple heraldry companies and resources to locate the crest if we do not have it in our archive, and use the oldest known version of the crest for that name for the best accuracy. If you have an image or description of your family crest, we can refer to that when creating your crest design - this can be especially helpful if you need your order quickly.
We can also create a custom crest for you, just ask! We have made new crests for families and businesses who wish to establish their own, unique identity.

Where do you get your glass?

We source our glassware from the best world-renowned American and European glass-makers.  Our stemware and drink-ware are made in the USA.

Is this glass, or Crystal?

We use a combination of glass, non-leaded crystal, and leaded crystal:
In our drink-ware and decanters, we use unleaded crystal only, safe for drinking and storing your wine and spirits.
In our cut-crystal pieces, leaded crystal is often used so that any bubbles and seeds are removed in the cutting process.
For many of our designs, leaded crystal does not meet our standards for purity. Our crystal has been developed so that the natural clarity of the glass is highlighted, and the bubbles, seeds, and cords are minimized. Ultimately, bringing together the composition of the glass, the fluidity of the design, and the shape of the vessel in the best combination possible is where our expertise comes in.

Is it safe to store my liquor in the decanter?

Yes, all of our glassware is made from the highest quality non-leaded crystal, and the decanters are made for storing your spirits.

How is this work done?

Every item is hand-carved using diamond, stone, and felt. Our products are not acid etched, screen printed, or laser engraved, and the technique used is not the same as sand-blasting.
We use a specialized sand-carving tool, and a proprietary stone and felt wheel technique to achieve our finish.
The photos on some of the product pages do not fully show the detail, but all pieces have excellent detail and clarity.

What are the measurements of Framed pieces?

The listed size indicates the size of the glass, while the overall size is the glass, plus the frame width. We offer a variety of sizes and frame styles, and some, while having the same size glass, differ in overall dimensions. The carving either occupies the whole glass or the center area in cases where a mat is used. If you would like to know the size of the inner mat area, please contact us with the details of the piece you are interested in.

Can I change the frame or design options shown on the product page?

All of our designs can be carved into most any of our pieces, and frames and finishes can be custom made for you.  If you like a particular piece, but don’t see it offered with a particular design—just ask!

What are these little stones?

The gems are Swarovski crystals, and are the Healy Signature Finish in our glassware. The crystals are fused to the glass using a UV bond, which is very strong, washable, and permanent. (Think of the way your dental fillings get bonded). The glassware is usable, washable, and durable.

Will the stones fall out?

The stones are fused using a cold-bonding process, and should not fall out. It is actually very hard to remove a stone that is bonded to the glass, usually one would chip the glass trying to remove it. We do not recommend dish-washers, however, as the repeated high temperatures can loosen the bond over time. (If you dish-wash, use the gentle setting, and care for your glasses like you would any of your fine china or crystal).
If you manage to dislodge or lose a crystal, we can replace it if you bring the item to one of our live shows. We can also do repairs by post, but do not encourage this as the item could suffer damage in transit.

Can these be put in the dishwasher?

While all glass is ‘dishwasher safe’ the harshness of the detergents will scratch you glasses over time, and your glasses will become dull—not something you want with your good glassware. The crystals will hold through some dishwashing, but if you repeatedly dish-wash your glasses in high temperatures, we cannot guarantee that the bond will hold over time. If you do put them in the dishwasher, use the gentle cycle like you would for any of your fine crystal or china.  We recommend hand-washing, and your glasses will stay as beautiful as they are when you purchased them.

Can I get them without the stones?

Yes - this would be considered a custom order; you are welcome to email us at customerservice@healyglassart.com to inquire.

How do you get the designs all the same if this is done by hand?

When we create a new design, we make a template that is used to make each design so that they are uniform and consistent. When examined closely, you will see that all of the products do have some variation in depth and texture to the carved areas, details created when these areas are carved and polished by hand.

Can I visit your store or see your items in person?

Healy Glass Artistry does not have a physical storefront; our location in Bethlehem is our production studio and is not open to the public. All of our current offerings are available online and can be seen in-person at live shows we participate in throughout the year.

What is the Healy Glass Artistry Product Guarantee?

- We stand by the quality and finish of every piece that leaves our studio.
- We carefully produce, inspect, and wrap by hand every single item that is shipped. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your order, or you may receive a refund on your purchase. *See Terms and Conditions
- We guarantee that items shipped to you will arrive unbroken, and if a problem does occur in the shipping process, we will take care of the claims with the shipper for you *See Terms and Conditions
- We guarantee that if there is any problem with your order, we will work with you to find a solution to fix it.
- We guarantee that the quality of our pieces are the same high quality pieces you saw at a show or event, and that the items you order will be as meticulously hand-carved and finished for you.
- We guarantee that we care deeply about our products, our reputation, and our customers!