Healy Glass Artistry creates Irish crystal products made with hand-carved designs for beautiful pieces perfect for gifting or as an addition to your home collection. Each glassware piece from Healy Glass Artistry is designed to honor the heritage of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales by displaying glassware designs unique to each country. Each Irish crystal product is made from high-quality glass and is hand-carved using a specialized technique to create marked detail and clarity. Our unique Irish crystal glasses are sold across the globe, at art shows, and at Celtic and Irish Festivals across the United States. Irish Crystal Glasses from Healy Glass Artistry are timeless, classic pieces that make the perfect addition to life’s special moments.

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Our collection of Irish Crystal Home Decor

Master glass artisan Billy Healy is originally from Waterford Ireland, where the art and prestige of Irish Crystal was born. He has brought his knowledge of the glassware industry, a keen eye for design, and exceptional quality glassware to the US market. At Healy Glass Artistry, you will find gifts for all occasions - including vases and home decor items that are exceptional works of art, and which draw on this Irish Crystal tradition.

Crystal Vases and Bowls

Healy Glass Artistry offers an exquisite selection of vases, bowls, and home decor items that are artfully designed, and will be a showpiece of Celtic and Irish heritage in your home. A beautiful selection of items that are perfect for gift-giving for special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays, these are gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime. Each piece is carefully designed and hand-carved by Irish Crystal artist Billy Healy and every piece bears the artist’s signature. You will receive an “About the Artist” card in the package as well, so that gift recipients know this is something you carefully selected with them in mind.

irish crystal bowl

Star of Bethlehem Aqua Blue Bowl


Owl Tall Wave Vase


irish crystal vase

Tree of Life Teardrop Vase


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Irish Crystal Toasting Flutes

Engraved champagne flutes from Healy Glass Artistry are designed with exquisite craftsmanship to enhance the flavors of champagne and look elegant on any table. Champagne flutes feature a curved lip and faceted stem that are perfect for toasting special occasions and as gifts to commemorate a special anniversary. Select a unique engraved design, such as a monogram or special date, to create a one-of-a-kind glassware piece that looks beautiful and represents life’s special moments.

irish crystal champagne flutes

Champagne Flutes - Healy Signature Collection


Custom Healy Signature Champagne Flutes (Set of 2)


Celtic Reflections Champagne Flutes (Set of 2)


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Family Crest Glassware

Honor your family’s heritage with beautiful Irish crystal glassware, hand-carved with your family’s crest or coat of arms! Healy Glass Artistry proudly hand-carves family crests and coat of arms on a variety of glassware and artwork to elegantly display the history of the family name. As the leader in heirloom-quality decanters and glassware, these family crest glasses are some of the very best on the market. Each family crest glass item is hand-carved and polished, to create a beautiful, high-quality finished product that can be passed down for generations. Create a set of wine glasses with your family crest as a special anniversary gift, or gift an elegant decanter with your family crest to grandparents and parents to honor them and the family they have created. Learn more about how to create your own family crest glassware by visiting our Family Crest Glassware page.

irish crystal family crest gift

Family Crest – Framed Hand-Carved Fine Art Glass


Family Crest Ornament


Family Crest Footed Decanter - 28oz or 32oz


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The History of Irish Crystal

history of Irish Crystal


Leaded glass, or crystal, was discovered in the late 17th century by adding lead oxide to the silica mixture during the glass-making process. This resulted in glass that was clearer, very reflective, and better suited to high-detailed carving and cutting. A little over one hundred years after the discovery of leaded crystal, the Penrose brothers of Waterford Ireland mastered the art of working with this leaded glass, or crystal, product. They set out with a goal to create the world’s finest and most elegant crystal products and founded The Penrose Glass House in Waterford Ireland. Ireland soon had a reputation for producing skilled glassmakers and glassware known for its purity, sparkle, and design. Irish Crystal and Irish Glassware gained popularity and became world-renowned. Each glassware piece crafted at Healy Glass Artistry carries with it over 200 years of Ireland’s tradition and excellence.

Irish Crystal Glassware in Artist-Original Designs

The Healy Signature Collection of hand-carved, engraved Irish crystal glasses represents the beauty of the Celtic and Irish culture. Some of the most popular Healy Signature Collection designs include the Celtic Cross, the Tree of Life, Trinity Knot, and various wildlife themes that create timeless, one-of-a-kind glassware pieces. Beautifully display your family’s’ heritage on a handcrafted glassware piece that can be passed down through generations. Add a unique glassware piece, such as a whiskey glass or decanter, to your at-home bar for a unique look that beautifully displays who you are. Gift a set of toasting glasses or wine glasses to family members or friends to celebrate a special occasion, or to enjoy together during a special moment. These special Irish crystal glassware pieces are signed by the artist, and are hand-carved and polished to create a beautiful finish. Browse through the Healy Signature Collection from Healy Glass Artistry to see the stunning Irish crystal selection.

Irish Crystal Glassware