Healy Signature St. Brigid's Cross

The St. Brigid's Cross is traditionally woven from river reeds or rushes, and represents blessings and protection of the hearth and home.  The Feast of St. Brigid is celebrated on Feb 1st, and each year a new cross is woven for the home and blessed with the following prayer:
"May the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit be on this Cross and on the place where it hangs and on everyone who looks upon it."

Saint Brigid, one of the Patron Saints of Ireland, is thought to have created this woven cross. The tradition is also associated with the arrival of Spring.

Our Healy Signature St. Brigid's Cross features a ring of beautiful Celtic knots, representing both a shield and eternity, and is complete with a sparkling green crystal at its center, reflecting the light beautifully.