Dragonfly Bud Vase

Dragonfly Bud Vase

  • $95.00

Dragonfly Bud Vase

9"H x 2"W

A new design!  This lovely bud vase is embelleshed with a trio of hand-carved dragonflies that look as if they are in flight up and around the vase.  Filled with a silver inlay, and embelleshed with sparkling cobalt crystals.

The Dragonfly is best known for its beautiful iridescent coloring and unique way of flying, and holds special meaning in cultures all around the world.

Symbolism for the Dragonfly includes:  Prosperity  | Harmony  | Good Fortune

Complete with the Healy Signature sparkling blue crystal for added beauty and light reflection.

Perfect for a small spray of flowers, or as a showpiece of its own.

Each one of our designs comes complete with an artist's bio card, description of the design, and gift boxing.