Wine Glasses

irish wine glasses

Our high-quality engraved wine glasses feature modern shapes and graceful contours. 
Each glass is designed for excellent clarity and balance, with shapes expertly crafted for the ideal drinking experience. Elegant hand-carved designs make these wonderful to bring out for special occasions, and perfect for everyday enjoyment as well.

All of our wine glasses can be personalized for weddings and anniversaries!
Look for our Custom options below, or visit our Custom Glassware page to see what else we offer.
We can also create a unique design especially for you – contact us for more details!

About our Engraved Wine Glasses

Healy Glass Artistry designs and hand-crafts high-quality hand-carved, engraved wine glasses in modern shapes and with graceful contours. These wine glasses sparkle with excellent clarity and balance, but make no mistake, these wine glasses are made to be used! Each and every glass is signed by the artist, making a very special gift presentation every time.

The Healy Signature Collection includes motifs that appeal to a wide audience and are perfect for many occasions like birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, hostess gifts, and so much more.

Shop our unique collections of hand-carved, engraved wine glasses and Irish crystal wine glasses with designs crafted to reflect the beauty and the shape of the glass. Customization and personalized designs are available on some glassware items. If you have a special request, send us an inquiry or view our custom page!

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