Viking Helmet — Framed 11 x 17

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Viking Helmet
Hand-Carved Fine Art Glass

The Viking Helmet is part of Healy Glass Artistry's Celtic Weaponry Set, inspired by the ancient works of art on display in the Dublin Ireland National Museum. These framed carvings are unique; with variations in crystal placement and carving texture, no two are the same! Our Healy Glass Artistry Viking Helmet is deeply hand-carved in glass, polished and finished in silver, and adorned with dozens of multi-colored Healy Signature crystals. 

Helmets of many different types have developed over the course of human history. Most early helmets had military uses, though some may have had more ceremonial than combat-related purposes.  Iron helmets actually may have been relatively rare among Vikings - Iron was hard to make and so expensive that many people could not afford those type of helmets. The people who could afford them likely carefully repaired and preserved them and passed them down to subsequent generations for centuries, until the metal became too weak to provide protection. Viking helmets traditionally did not include horns, contrary to popular imagery that's seen today. Ornamented Viking helmets entered popular culture and imagination in the 19th century through the depictions of writers and artists.

Our framed fine art glass carvings have an exceptional, hand-crafted finish you will be proud to give or to own. The artwork is carved deeply into the surface of the glass so one can feel and appreciate the multi-dimensional effect. Crafted by Master Glass Artisan Billy Healy with intricate details, polished, and hand-embellished with our signature multicolored crystals; each piece is different from the next and has its own unique finish.

All frames come packaged with care, complete with brackets for hanging, and include an about the artist card. 

Celtic Weaponry Set #4: Viking Helmet

Glass Size: 11"x17" (Larger sizes available by request)
Frame width: 2.5” (Espresso Brown) 2" (Black, White, Honey Brown)

Made in the USA