The Schooner Decanter

  • $295.00

The Schooner Decanter

This handsome 34 oz Decanter's base features a undulating texture that reflects light like the waves of the sea! It's the perfect piece to feature our hand-carved Healy Glass Artistry Schooner, complete with sparkling golden crystals along the bow. Graceful and sleek, our version of this majestic tall ship captures the spirit of the ocean. The stopper is carved with an anchor, finished with a sparkling blue crystal reminiscent of clear skies and smooth sailing. A beautiful collectors item for the nautical enthusiast!

A popular legend holds that the first schooner was built by builder Andrew Robinson in the 1700's.  When the ship was launched, a spectator exclaimed "Oh how she scoons," scoon being similar to scone, a Scottish word meaning to skip along the surface of the water.

Healy Glass Artistry is the market leader in creating beautiful glassware to complement your favorite spirits. This, like all of our decanters, is made of high quality lead-free crystal, with a tight seal to prevent evaporation.

Our glassware has an exceptional finish you will be proud to give or to own. Each design comes elegantly gift-boxed with an about the artist card.


10.5" tall, 34 oz.
Made in the USA.