Healy Signature Designs

While all the carvings in our shop are Healy Originals, there are several traditional designs we consider mainstays.  Referred to as our Healy Signature Designs, these designs always showcase Billy's signature finish - the sparkling crystals you see featured in pieces throughout our shop.

Each Healy Signature Design comes with an About the Artist card, as well as a card with information about the design! Each emblem or symbol has its own special history and relevance, in which others can find personal significance beyond the carving's visual appeal.

For a preview of this information, or if you're just curious and looking to know more, you can visit the individual Signature Design pages listed below, where you can read about the design in the paragraph featured at the top of each page, and view our current selection of items featuring that design. 


The Healy Signature Design Collection

Celtic Claddagh  |  Celtic Cross  |  Celtic Shield  |  Harp  |  New Grange  |  Shamrock  |  St. Brigid's Cross  |  Tree of Life  |  Trinity Knot

The full list of our designs from our other collections can be found here, or you can look under our Shop by Design menu heading to find each individual listing.

Looking for a design to match or replace a piece Billy carved for you in the past? 

We keep all our designs on file, so even if our current version doesn't match, we can most likely pull up the old artwork for you. Since Billy carves each design by hand, it isn't always possible to match the piece exactly, but you can help us create a better match by emailing us a photo and measurements of the carving. 

Personalized Orders

Did you know you can add custom text to our Signature Designs on most of our pieces? A few popular options are already listed in our Custom Stemware and Barware and Personalized Gifts sections, but we are not limited to just those pairings! To inquire about customization for your order, email customerservice@healyglassart.com.