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Caring for your fine glass and crystal.

Good care is essential to enduring and beautiful glassware.

1. Hand wash  2. Dry with care  3. Place upright into a cabinet or display case

  1. Fine glassware should be hand washed. It is best to use warm soapy water. Putting crystal in the dishwasher risks damage, pitting, dulling, and spotting from the abrasiveness of dishwasher soap. It is always advisable to wash by hand, rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint free cloth if possible.

  2. Be mindful when you are drying stemware.  Do not stuff a towel or dishcloth into the bowl of the glass, sometimes too much pressure can easily crack the glass. Do not twist the bowl in an opposite direction as the stem as this can cause damage or even breakage.

  3. Rims are fragile - do not turn upside down to dry or to store as this causes chipping to the rim. Do not stack your glassware - to prevent damage, and do not carry glasses in a way as to clink them together.

  • Avoid pouring very cold or extremely hot liquids into crystal as extreme temperatures can crack or break your stemware.

Although this seems like a lot of information - it really is not difficult to take care of your fine glassware.

Hand wash, dry with care, and place upright into a cabinet or display case.

When following these tips, your glassware will not only look beautiful for years to come, but give you great pleasure in using it frequently!